Service Writer - Kauai

POSITION SUMMARY: Under minimal direction from the Service Manager, this position exits to act as a liaison between the customer and dealership.  The incumbent is responsible for promoting and ensuring customer satisfaction by assisting with the enhancement of labor and parts sales.  He/She must be successful in writing up, monitoring, reviewing and assisting of job closing.


  1. Greet walk-in customers and take customer calls to write up service proposal, changes to current service proposal and requests for information on open work orders.
  2. Maintain two-way communication between the customers and the Service Department on current status of work-in- progress.
  3. Promptly advise customers or Service Manager of any deviation in date of completion, estimated/quoted cost or additional work.  Record changes on service proposal in approved fashion.
  4. Generates approvals, estimates, quotes, or flat rate proposals, including promised start and completion dates to the customer for the Service Manager.
  5. Accurately complete all service proposals.  Designate job and component coding based on information provided.  Provide an estimate of labor and time.  If total cost cannot be established during the reception, due to the need of additional troubleshooting, provide an estimate for the troubleshooting.  Leave total estimate open and contact customer for approval when established.
  6. Implements method of payment and credit status, obtain approval of credit, if necessary, prior to performing service with assistance of the Service Manager.
  7. Accurately determine if machine warranty applies.  Advise customers of warranty status prior to performing any service.  If unable to determine status due to lack of information, inform the customer that the job will be charged as revenue until information identifies it as warranty.
  8. Obtain proper authorization (P.O. number, written consent, FAX, etc.) to proceed with repairs from customers for original work requested and proper authorization for any additional work added.  This includes updating time and money estimates/quotes.
  9. Review daily job assignments with the Service Manager
  10. Ensure Service Clerk dispatches job time cards and work orders to Service Manager
  11. Debrief with Service Manager on daily combined service report time cards to evaluate work orders progress.  Check for accuracy of work order information and if additional service report time cards and segments need to be issued.
  12. Review the work schedule daily with the Service Manager to update work-in-progress (WIP) priorities, segments, parts deliveries and completion deadlines.  Assist in detecting and managing work orders that will be higher than estimated/quoted.
  13. Review service reports/SIMS submitted by Service Manager for closing of segments.  Ensure the prompt and accurate completion of service reports and SIMS for each segment except prep and travel.  Reports are due:
    • SIMS-When parts are ordered
    • Combined service report time card-completion/closing of a segment, before starting another segment job.
  14. Review SIMS report with Service Manager at time of parts ordering.  Verify job and component codes based on mechanics’ troubleshooting/inspection.  Change job or component coding and open new segments as changes occur.
  15.  Ensure all the required information is on the SIMS/service report, i.e. SMU reading, serial number, part number and group number, date of last labor, etc.
  16. Assists with communication from the Service Department to customers on field jobs by advising them of arrival time of mechanic(s), departure time of mechanics, number of trips, etc.
  17. Works with Service Manager to ensure that repairs are performed within the labor hours quoted or estimated to customer.
  18. Notify the customer if repairs costs appear to exceed equipment value.
  19. On jobs where written authorization is not obtained prior to dispatch of mechanic, follow up with Service Manager that the mechanic obtains a signature of the customer’s representative prior to start of job.
  20. Verify that the steps in the proper procedure for finishing a service job before proceeding to next job instructions have been followed.  Obtain Service Manager initials on the service report and forwards it for closing.
  21. Assure that service personnel adhere to safety, housekeeping and other company policies and procedures with the assistance of Service Manager.
  22. Compare the final invoice with the service proposal.  Verify that work accomplished is to customers’ expectations.
  23. Assist the Service Manager with the administration of the Service Department.
  24. Keeps the Service Manager currently informed on all matters of managerial importance.
  25. Apply special emphasis to all warranty and PIP/PSP work orders.  Properly and accurately obtain all required and pertinent information, including actual warranty determination, type and limits of coverage, non-warranty costs to customer, etc.  Properly and accurately inform customers and Service Manager of situation.


1.  Must have a minimum of three to five year’s experience in a service shop environment

2.  Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

3.  PC skills required.

4.  Must have a valid Driver’s License and a good driving record.

TESTING REQUIREMENTS:  Applicants may be required to pass a written and/or oral examination before being considered for employment in this position.


1.  Walking and moving about on foot often up and down stairs.

2.  Handling:         Seizes, helps or works with hands.

3.  Lifting:               Raises or lowers miscellaneous paperwork.

4.  Reaching:        Extends hands and arms in any direction.

5.  Stooping:         Bends body downward and forward by bending at knees or waist                                                                                  

6.  Standing:         Remains in standing position If required to perform various functions of the job.

7.  Vision:              Read paperwork, employment files and records on the computer.

8.  Talking:            Communications by phone and in person.

9.  Sitting:              Sits at desk.  Sits for long periods of time.


1.  Noise:  Works in conditions with constant or intermittent noise.

  1. Temp/Weather:  Works in a service shop environment.


ACCOMMODATIONS:   Reasonable accommodations for essential functions of the position will be considered.


Hawthorne CAT® is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.  M/F/V/D